Blog 1: My Meandering Mind

I Hate to Blog!

by Carol Purroy

• No, that’s not me dancing on the beach. I haven’t looked … or danced … like that for awhile. But I can dream, can’t I?

Blog 1. I hate to blog!

I’m starting this blog because all the social media folks and internet gurus say you have to have one. That’s probably why I’ve been so resistant — because I’m an old woman who doesn’t like to be told what to do. Had enough of that: I was a (mostly) dutiful daughter (until I married), (mostly) obedient wife (until I divorced), (mostly) compliant employee (until I retired), et cetera. I “danced backwards, in high-heels” for far too long.

I was in the generation of females who first became aware — with the help of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, Ms. Magazine, etc. — just how beleaguered and discounted our society’s women were. To “get it” we participated in consciousness raising groups and Women’s Studies classes. Prior to that, we hadn’t questioned that females were referred to as “he” and “him” in both written and spoken word. It was so ingrained in the culture we didn’t even notice it. It was “correct English”. In discussing a person of either gender, or humankind itself, “man” was the word used, e.g: “No man is an island…” (John Donne).

We hadn’t challenged the fact that boys could be anything they wanted to, and girls, for the most part, could be teachers, secretaries, nurses, waitresses, and domestic help. Women were not allowed in positions of authority in any segment of society. Once married, we women were expected to be homemakers (exclusively), and the success of the marriage — and the children — was solely our responsibility. It didn’t occur to anyone that it could be otherwise.

My mother, at age 32, with two young children, was widowed and destitute. Though unprepared for the role of breadwinner, she had no choice. Years later, when I was a teenager, she told me, “It’s more important for boys to go to college; they’ll have to support a family.”

Talk about a disconnect! There she was, the sole support of her family, and she still didn’t get it. That’s how pervasive the male-dominated, masculine-oriented nature of society was.

Back In The Day

Then there’s this old riddle: A young boy and his father are in a car accident. The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital and taken immediately into surgery, but the surgeon steps out of the operating room and says, “I can’t operate on this boy … he’s my son!”

(Question): Who is the surgeon?

I doubt that many today would get it wrong, but until very recently it stumped nearly everyone, including hard-core “women’s libbers”. The answer of course is: the surgeon is the boy’s mother. Back in the day (not so long ago), the notion that a surgeon might be a woman was inconceivable.

Likewise, back then, we females never imagined that our opinions might have value, because no one ever listened to us or took us seriously.

Until recently, it didn’t occur to much of anyone that the gender gap in wages (for the same job) was unconscionable. Well, that one is still with us. Women still get only 78¢ to the men’s $1.00.

So, what’s the big deal? A measly 22¢?! But I ask you, how many men would be willing to take a 22% pay cut?

Been there … Done that

But I digress. I started Blog 1 simply to introduce it … and my website … and me… to whomever may want to read it. And my mind just took off, as is its wont, like a flock of birds. I guess I have what Ron, my Significant Other, calls a “Meanderthal Mind”! (He does have a way with words.)

I suspect that’s how Blog 1, 2, 3, etc., will go, so I’ll just call it My Meandering Mind. Sometimes I may write about books and publishing and memoir writing, and classes on writing and publishing — A-Z Publishing’s primary focus. Or I may write about something else. But, unless I have some specific thing to write about, I’ll feel free to let my mind wander and see what comes out. I’ll try to get a one or more blogs posted on my website



every week, but may resist following rules — even self-made ones.

Been there … done that.

Cheerio! Please leave a comment if you’re so moved.

‘Til next time,

Carol Purroy, Publisher

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