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A-Z Publishing was founded in 1997 to publish Purroy’s first book, YOUR LIFE OUGHTA BE A BOOK; Write the stories of your life. She’d been teaching classes on that subject for a number or years through City Parks & Recreation Departments, Senior Centers, Churches, et cetera. As she published her own books she learned more about the process and improved the products.

Prior to that, she had formed a publishing company in San Francisco, which published two senior magazines. They received awards and acclaim.

In time she became the publisher for others who wanted to maintain control of their works, yet produce a book that didn’t scream “self-published”. She now works with other professionals in the book publishing field to ensure excellence.

In 2010 she was named Woman of the Year in Publishing by the National Association of Professional Women, and in 2011, was listed in the National Registry’s Who’s Who.

Ethical Wills

She kept teaching memoir and creative writing, through Truckee Meadows Community College, senior centers, churches, Parks & Rec departments, and on her own. She added a class on writing ethical wills — a final love letter to those you care about — which is catching on in the western culture. It has long been a tradition in both the Jewish and Chinese cultures.

Ethical Will & Testament

Your Ethical Will & Testament

Having spent more than a quarter-century in private practice as a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, my purpose was was to help people empower themselves and become successful in their chosen fields. It remains my goal as a writer, publisher, and human being. Obviously, I work with a lot of authors. A-Z Publishing is now expanding to include artists, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs in their drive for success and empowerment through the media authority package.

As an adjunct to A-Z Publishing, she publishes an online magazine for those in their beautiful sunset years:

A-Z Publishing is Expanding

A-Z Publishing, Book Publisher, is proud to announce it is now offering big media placement to serious professionals: Authors, Artists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs.


  It’s done wonders for mine!

Carol with media logos

Carol Purroy “as seen on CBS NEWS, FOX, NBC, and ABC”.

Public Speaking, Media Appearances

Through A-Z Publishing, she does public speaking on a host of topics, including: memoir, self-publishing, ethical wills, fiction writing, The Happiness Project, et cetera.

Carol at Grassroots Book Fair

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